Cartoonist Abel Dan - Belgium

Order caricature "Black and white"

You want to offer to someone close an original artistic gift? Then order his caricature "black and white" at "Le Coin de la Caricature".

Artistic gift idea for a birthday

A caricature drawn with pencil will be a great gift for the one who celebrates his birthday. Weather it is your mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, etc... when he will have his gift he will burst out laughing and will be full of joy. You will spend a great moment watching the caricature together. He will have a good souvenir of his birthday.

Artistic gift idea for wedding

A caricature drawn with pencil for just married will be an original gift. You can give them that gift the day of their wedding to make them a great pleasure. It will makes them happy and from their wedding they will have a good souvenir from you.

To give the gift at time you can send us the photo from which we must draw the caricature few days before the event.

Depending the format of the paper the number of persons on the sheet will be limited
format A4 max 2 persons
format A3 max 4 persons
format A2 max 7 persons

We also can use a paper out of standards to place more persons.

In the case of the Digital cartoon there is no limit of the persons.

For more informations please contact us.

Caricature noir et blanc Caricature noir et blanc Caricature noir et blanc