Cartoonist Abel Dan - Belgium

Order your digital caricature at "Le Coin de la Caricature"

Without losing any pixel, you can zoom and print your digital caricature. Saved on your smartphone you can dispatch it to the other end of the world or print it on your prefered T-shirt. Don't hesitate to be creatif and send the personilized gift objectsto all the persons that you love!

La caricature digitale en couleur d'un homme âgé qui porte ses lunettes et qui a des cheveux blanc La caricature digitale en couleur d'un jeune homme avec son grand sourire La caricature digitale en couleur d'un motocycliste (motard) sur une moto jouet avec ressort. La caricature digitale en couleur de Benoît Poelvoorde (acteur belge) La caricature digitale en couleur d'un homme qui porte ses grandes lunettes La caricature digitale en noir et blanc d'un photographe qui s'est accoudé à son appareil photo

Digital caricature for your avatar photo on social network

You can order digital caricature for your avatar photo on social network Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc...

Amaze your friends by putting your digital caricature at your avatar photo. They will have fun when they'll see your caricature on their wall. And of course it's a good occasion to obtain lots of "like" :)

Digital caricature printed on your T-shirt

An artistic gift idea for a person that you love on the occasion of his birthday or just to give him a pleasure without reason? Order his digital caricature printed on a T-shirt!

If you organise an event and you want to make it more original then you can order the digital caricature of your guests printed on T-shirts, mugs, or if you reserved a place on the table for each one you can also put his caricature near his name.

Digital caricature on mug (personalized artistic mug)

If you want that your lover remember about you every and each time when he/she will warm up with a cup of tea or wakes up with a cup of coffee you must offer him a mug with your caricature on it, or his/her caicature in any way he will remeber that it's your gift :)

With your colleagues you always confuse your mugs at work? What a pity! :) Fortunately we have a "solution" for that. The caricatures printed on the mugs will help you to distingue the mugs. Apart of its usefulness it is also an original and artistic way to put a good ambiance at you workplace.

You have a colleague that is going to retrites? And you want a special gift for him to remember his team? Then order the digital caricature of all the members at the team and offer him it printed on object like mug, T-shirt, pen, etc... or just on the quality paper with framing.

Le Coin de la Caricature is a project of young artists from Belgium.

​For more information about the organisation, price (rate) contact us.